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The older students embody the highest attributes of personal qualities.  They are reflective, compassionate and excellent role models."

BSO Inspection report,
April 2016
 Some of our Sixth Form students have been at Transylvania College since kindergarten, while others have joined in primary or middle school, or only in high school. Regardless of how long ago they have started with us, all of our seniors play an essential role in supporting the vibrant life of our community. In addition to taking responsibility for their own learning, they are encouraged to take on leadership roles and to take full advantage of all the opportunities offered in the school and the support provided to them. Throughout high school, our students receive advice from their teachers and form tutors, from the Head of Secondary, from the Cambridge Exams Officer and the University Admissions Counselor, Ms. Adina Toma.   
For the last four years, Ms. Adina has been assisting students and their families in the application process for a university has provided support and information while identifying the educational requirements for the career that each of our students wishes to pursue. There are so many universities and career fields to learn about, that one could spend a lifetime researching them. This makes the decision process really difficult for the students and their families, so we are happy to be able to provide them with much-needed support.
Thanks to their excellent A-Levels results and their strong portfolios, our graduates have been admitted to top universities around the world. Due to the highly personalised nature of their studies, they were able to choose very diverse higher education paths, from Medicine and Mechatronic Engineering to Psychology, International Relations, Architecture, Economics, Computer Science, Business, Theatre Studies, Photography, Hotel Management, Art and Design, Communication and PR, Art History, Mathematics, or Law.

All students are successful in gaining places in their first choice university with the majority attending universities in the UK. Many alumni students take every opportunity to return to the school and attend functions.  They inspire the senior students, in particular, to strive and succeed.

BSO Inspection report,
April 2016


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