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Welcome to Middle School at Transylvania College. This is a time of great importance in every child’s education, where they solidify their understanding of key concepts and skills and learn new things which they apply in many subjects.

The curriculum in this stage is varied and interesting, with an inter-disciplinary approach to encourage students to see the links in their learning.

The middle school experience will  give both teachers and pupils a unique opportunity to be innovative and creative, as it fosters an appreciation and interest in all subjects and prepares students for their learning in High School and for later life.

Jeannette Jones
Middle School Leader

In middle school, all the subjects are taught by specialist teachers, Romanian and expats, with experience in teaching each curriculum.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, where teaching and learning are based on the National Curriculum of England, we have designed an integrated curriculum, with an overarching theme for each half term. This thematic approach meets the National Curriculum objectives and, at the same time,  makes learning more interesting for the students, as they can see the links between what they are studying. This theme features heavily in English, History, Geography, Art and Computing lessons.

The Romanian National Curriculum is implemented in grades 5-8, the pupils enrolled here also benefiting from exposure to activities and programmes inspired from the National Curriculum of England.

All middle school pupils have one period of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), where they continue to learn the 7 Habits from the “Leader in Me” process. The students continue to have a choice of learning a modern foreign language (German, French, or Spanish), most of our pupils being able to speak 3 languages by the time they graduate high school.

All pupils are encouraged to participate in the wide range of extracurricular activities available to them and to assume any of the leadership roles promoted within the school. As they get closer to High School, it becomes very important to focus on building an attractive and strong personal portfolio, which may make a difference in having them accepted by the best universities in the world.


Our approach to homework

Following on from the Primary School at Transylvania College, pupils in the middle school are given homework each night of the week. Which subjects they have each night depends on their timetable, but a schedule is devised for each year group by the form tutors so that students can plan their time appropriately.

  • In grade 5, along with Year 6, students receive 40 minutes of homework per night.
  • In Year 7 and grade 6, will have 45 minutes of homework per night.
  • In Year 8 and grade 7, this increases to 50 minutes per night.
  • Year 9 and grade 8, pupils will receive 60 minutes per night.

Students should also be reading a wide range of literature and non-fiction texts at home every week.

Homework is set to consolidate learning in class or to prepare students for the following lesson. All tasks are designed to be completed by the pupil themselves, without assistance from parents or tutors, in the time allowed.

The wider life of the school

Middle School students are encouraged to be involved in the wider life of the school, through various clubs, teams, and councils. Some positions, such as student council representative and house captains, are voted within the form group.

Drama, debate, choir, sports and other clubs and teams are joined with a half-termly or a yearly commitment. Committing to a team or club is a great way for the students to practice responsibility and to find their voice and discover their talents.



At Transylvania College, we believe that teaching and learning should be a student-led, relevant exercise. Due to this belief, we incorporate assessment for learning in every lesson. This could be through teacher questioning, work completed or observation of the students. This ongoing assessment is used to adjust the following lessons for a group of students or an individual.

Each half-term, in each subject, there is a period of summative assessment, or testing, for both study lines. This allows the teacher to make a judgment on the progress of each child. Progress is reported to parents through twice-yearly individual reports, conferences and the parent portal of the school’s information management system.

At the end of Year 9 pupils sit an external Cambridge Checkpoint exam in English, Maths, and Science and internal end of key stage exams in the other subjects. The students completing their studies in grade 8 sit the Romanian National Evaluation Exams, being able to apply for admission to any Romanian high school. Over 80 % of our middle school graduates choose to continue their studies at Transylvania College Cambridge International High School. Those who applied for admission to other schools have been admitted into the best high schools in the region.


It is very important for students to participate in all the lessons and to come to school on time. Pupils should arrive between 08:00 and 08:15. They start their day in the forum, where there is adult supervision. At 08:15, the pupils make their way to the form room for registration at 08:20 and then lessons start at 08:30. Seven late marks (for arrival after 08:25) will be recorded as a full day absence.

Being on time teaches children discipline and punctuality, two values that are very important in adult life.

At Transylvania College, we consider:

  • 95% and above as good attendance;
  • 90% -94%, as poor attendance which may have an impact on learning;
  • below 90% attendance as unsatisfactory, which has a high impact on learning.

Rules, rewards and procedures

The rules in class are developed in collaboration with the pupils, along with the guidelines of the

7 Habits. They are designed to promote a calm, respectful, safe and purposeful work environment.

Students are rewarded for excellent behaviour and work, with:

  • Verbal and written praise
  • House points
  • Whole form rewards
  • Opportunities for trips and special events

All students are expected to follow the school’s internal rules, as detailed in the “Student Planner.” Each student is required to wear the complete uniform every day unless a special “no uniform day” is organized.

Healthy habits

At Transylvania College, we encourage young people to develop healthy habits for life. This includes making healthy food choices and getting enough rest. The school restaurant provides a wide variety of healthy food options, prepared in our own kitchen, from fresh and, whenever possible, locally procured ingredients. The snack break from 10:00-10:20 and a long lunch break, of approximately 50 minutes, give our students the opportunity to go outside, explore the campus and clear their mind.

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