Transylvania College
The high school follows the standards of the Cambridge International Curriculum, being the only school in the region accredited by Cambridge International Examinations.

"The curriculum ensures that local requirements are met fully and teachers plan activities that inspire students and provide high-quality feedback to ensure students know how to improve their learning.

The school is very successful in enabling students to develop their personal skills and qualities. They are thoughtful and well behaved. Students are highly motivated individuals: as a result, by the time they leave the college they have the skills to move very successfully to the next stage in their lives."

BSO Inspection Report,
April 2016


Why choose a British Education?

In recent years the advances in science and technology have happened at an incredible speed, requiring the contribution of specialists who believe in lifelong learning and who thrive in an environment that consistently brings changes and new challenges.

A British education builds on traditional values proven over hundreds of years of excellence, while also allowing for a personalized educational track, in order to develop each student’s core competencies.

All the exams that our students take throughout high school are marked by Cambridge-accredited examiners, which ensures that all the results are measured against the highest international standards. That is why the A-Levels, the exams that our students take at the completion of their high school studies, are accepted by prestigious universities around the world. The A-Levels provide an unmatched depth of knowledge in any chosen subject and are recognized around the world as the most rigorous secondary school qualification, offering the best preparation for higher education.

IGCSE and A-Levels

At the IGCSE level (first two years of high school) our students are offered the following compulsory subjects: English language (Second language or first language), Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, taught interdisciplinarily), ICT (Computer Science or ICT according to the students’ level), a Modern Foreign Language (students choose from German, Spanish, French), Global Perspectives, PE, Romanian (First language or second language), PE and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). Additionally, the pupils choose two other subjects from the following list: History, Geography, Sociology, Economics, Business Studies, Art.

In the last two years of high school, the following subjects are compulsory: English, Romanian (First language or second language), PE and PSHE. In preparation for their A-Level exams, the students choose 4 subjects from the following list: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, History, Sociology, Economics, Business Studies, Psychology, Art, Media Studies, MFL.

The choice of subjects from the “Options” list is made according to each student’s educational and professional plan. The chosen subjects have to support the pupil’s long-term planning when it comes to the field of study chosen for higher education and career orientation. The choices are made under the guidance of the Head of Secondary and the Cambridge Examinations Officer. At Transylvania College, all high school students benefit from University Admission counseling, being advised on building a strong personal portfolio and in choosing the right university for further education in the desired field.

“Throughout their time at the school, students are developing important qualities such as high personal and social skills, which will enable them to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live and be successful in the next stage of their lives.  Many teachers use a range of high-quality questioning techniques to encourage student voice in their lessons."

BSO Inspection Report

Upon graduation, our students will present a portfolio that includes the following Cambridge exam certificates:

  • IGCSE: 7 certificates upon completing Year 11

  • AS (Advanced Secondary Level) – 2 certificates at the end of Year 12

  • A2 (Advanced Level) – 3 certificates at the end of Year 13

The students’ personal portfolios are completed with certificates received for Work Experience, Community Involvement and Leadership and with all the awards earned during their studies.


BSO Inspection Report, April 2016

We are proud to say that, from all three graduating classes so far, all the students who applied for university admission were accepted in their universities of choice, thanks to their excellent exam results and strong applications, supported by impressive portfolios.

The BSO Inspection Report acknowledges the fact that students at Transylvania College “consistently achieve above UK averages in IGCSE examinations and above in a range of other international school comparisons:

  • School Pass Rate IGCSE 2015 A*-C was 95 %
  • International Comparison was 86 %
  • UK Average was 72 %

"The A/B AS-Level pass rate at Transylvania College was 68 % and compared very favorably with the international pass rate of 47 %. Students thrive in the Sixth form and the A/B pass rate was 41 %.

[...] All students are successful in gaining places in their first choice university with the majority attending universities in the UK.

Individual students achieve prestigious awards such as the highest mark in the world for Cambridge AS Level French Language and the outstanding award for an individual student gaining 8 A*, 1 A and 1 B at IGCSE.”

Please click to read the complete 2016 BSO inspection report.

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