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Transylvania College offers a safe, friendly and caring environment where creativity and intellectual curiosity flourish and where each student is encouraged to be a leader.  

Our school’s offer is unique in Romania, parents being able to enroll their children in classes that follow the Romanian curriculum taught intensively in English, or in classes where teaching is offered in English, according to the National Curriculum of England.

Primary School Tiers

The Romanian National Curriculum is followed from grade 0 through grade 4. In the Reception class, we implement the Early Years curriculum. In Year 1 through Year 6 teaching is based on the National Curriculum of England.

Making the best choice for your child

Parents are often asking if they should enroll their child in a class that follows the Romanian National Curriculum, or in a year group where the teaching and learning are based on the National Curriculum of England. From our experience, the following factors may be considered when making this decision:

  • the family’s long term plan when it comes to the child’s academic track, or the family dynamics (are you likely to live abroad in the future, or does the family have ties to another country which may open opportunities for your child to study/live there?)
  • the child’s readiness to cope with one curriculum or the other (some children may need additional English support in order to be able to access all the information delivered through the National Curriculum of England, for example); at the same time, some families find that the way that either curriculum is structured may be a better fit for the child’s learning style.
  • financial reasons (the difference in fees between the classes offering the two curricula is given by the difference in the expenses incurred by the school, including accreditation costs, resources, staff recruitment costs).

When offering a place to a new candidate in each of these year groups we take into consideration the child’s age before August 31st and the previously completed grade/year group.

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