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Have you considered the fact that the quality of education received in the early years can have a major impact on your child’s success later in life?

At Transylvania College, starting in the nursery and kindergarten children are prepared to easily adapt to change and to enthusiastically respond to opportunities, which on the long run prepares them for success in life. The education offered here builds on the most appreciated trends in the field and, at the same time, on tradition and values, in order to help children become good specialists and also good citizens. It’s as much about character building as it is about strong academics.

From an early age, the teachers here encourage children to be proactive, to take initiative, to find solutions to any challenges they encounter. It’s no surprise that the children enjoy learning because at Transylvania College each child gets the following message: you are special, you have greatness, you have a voice. This way they become motivated to reach their full potential. They are taught to make good and healthy decisions, which will lead to a more balanced and a happier life, and, why not, to a better world.

Cristina Ungvari,
Kindergarten Leader

Children in the nursery and kindergarten learn by playing and exploring, by being active, through activities which take place both indoors and outdoors, igniting their imagination and stimulating their creative and critical thinking.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful green campus, housing the only Green Building for education in Romania dedicated to young learners. The children play outside every day, even if there’s a slight rain, or in the snow, and they love to explore our little forest or visit the nearby park. They make weekly visits to the Happy Kids Library, they have music, dance and PE classes with speciality teachers and they greatly enjoy coming in every day. The fact that they negotiate with their parents to allow them to stay a little longer at the end of the day is a great compliment to our teachers and to all of us at Transylvania College. This is the vision that the founders, Mrs Simona Baciu and Dr Dan Baciu had over 24 years ago, when they started the first kindergarten group in their own apartment, with 12 children. They wanted to see happy kids who enjoy learning and who go on to become happy and accomplished adults. The “Happy Kids” kindergarten they started back then has beautifully laid the foundation for the education we now provide at Transylvania College.

The last three high school graduating classes included students who started their education as “Happy Kids” and, after studying for 15 years at Transylvania College are now representing our school, Cluj-Napoca and Romania around the world, at prestigious universities. We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments!

We invite all the families who are interested in learning more about the programmes we offer to schedule a tour of our kindergarten and to meet a representative from our Admissions team.


In our nursery, we enroll children from 20 months in the Teddies group. We invite all the families who are interested in learning more about the programmes we offer to schedule a tour of our kindergarten and to meet a representative from our Admissions team. The visit is also a good opportunity for the child to get familiar with the new environment and for the teachers and kindergarten coordinator to assess the child’s readiness to join the nursery. We look for the following milestones: walking without assistance, chewing solid food, standing with confidence, having just one longer nap/day.

In our nursery, the little ones enjoy a well-rounded routine, with activities delivered in Romanian with the aim of developing their basic skills related to language, attention focus, sensorial and physical development, autonomy and self-control.

The Teddies love to explore, to play outside, to visit and greet our dog Benny every day in the forest, to pour, knead and build, to paint, to sing and dance, to climb and to run. They enjoy their daily routines, eat and sleep well and are just happy kids.

If you would like to find opportunities for your child to socialise with children his age, but you are not ready to enroll him in full-time care, we invite you to join our Juniors’ Club, offered from October through May, on Wednesdays, from 17:30-19:00. A 30 lei participation fee/session is payable at the reception desk before each meeting.


If you ask the teachers and the staff members about the secret to success when it comes to the quick progress made even by the youngest learners, their answers will probably have a common underlying message: it’s all about caring for each child, trusting his or her potential for greatness.
This creates a learning environment where children feel safe and encouraged, where they are mentored to grow up with a healthy self-esteem, with confidence in their own abilities and strengths. In this type of environment, they learn how to cope with real life challenges and how to form healthy and authentic relationships.

“The school site is kept immaculately clean throughout the day. Parents identify the safe and caring environment as a significant strength of the school. Parents feel that the school fully engages them in their child’s education and their views are regularly sought both informally and formally.”

BSO Inspection Report, April 2016

It’s true, we feel that the best outcomes in education are given by a strong partnership with the parents. We are thrilled that more and more parents are thinking long-term when choosing Transylvania College for their children’s education. It happens quite often that a family who takes a tour of our nursery actually has a lot of questions about high school. We’re happy to see parents who start their educational journey with us, having the end in mind.

We place a big emphasis on the health and safety of the children attending our kindergarten and our school. The campus is secure, with a gated entrance and doors equipped with access codes. Surveillance cameras are placed in multiple locations to ensure the safety of our children and staff at all times. In the nursery and kindergarten children enjoy 4 healthy meals every day: breakfast, morning snack (veggies or fresh fruit), a delicious and nutritious lunch prepared daily in our kitchen,  afternoon snack. In the winter season, the children are served every day fresh squeezed juices from organic (bio) fruits, for a boost of vitamins and energy. The weekly menu is communicated to parents at the beginning of each week. 

In our kindergarten activities are organised around a weekly theme, with a focus on developing the whole child: intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially. We follow the Romanian National Curriculum, however, the official language of instruction and communication is English, from the age of three. This ensures that, by the end of kindergarten at the age of 6, or by the time they can transition to the Reception class at the age of 4, where teaching and learning are offered according to the National Curriculum of England, children have a strong command of the English language and can access the age-appropriate curriculum.

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Key Dates

Key dates for nursery & kindergarten 2016/17

  • Daily schedule: 8:00-18:00, Monday through Friday.
  • Our kindergarten is open from 1st September through the end of July.
  • We are closed for the entire month of August.  

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