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The house system is a traditional feature of schools in the English-speaking world and originated in England. As we are an international school that provides an English curriculum, all the members of our school community belong to one of the three houses: Red Bears, Golden Eagles and Blue Wolves. The names of the houses are based on the Romanian flag and Romanian traditional symbology.

The purpose of the house system is to provide additional pastoral care, contributing to the development of a rounded character. It is meant to ensure better communication and interaction between students of different ages, to enhance awareness about everyone’s basic physical, social and emotional needs. A secondary feature of the house system is to provide healthy team spirit.

We Aim To:

  • Create a sense of belonging through the vertical integration of age cohorts, allowing older students to mentor younger students;
  • Promote social and moral responsibility;
  • Encourage the development of self-esteem and the ability to take the initiative for the well-being of both self and community;
  • Stimulate interest and involvement and develop skills such as debating, singing or taking part in sports activities;
  • Encourage students to participate in charity activities;
  • Promote positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles;
  • Relate physical activity and fitness to a way of life and as means to a positive self-image;
  • Encourage sportsmanship and fair play;
  • Strengthen the relationships between students, faculty and staff.

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