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The boarding system at Transylvania College highlights the school’s progressive vision towards education. 

Within the pursuit of reaching and sustaining the optimum levels of academic attainment in balance with wholesome social, emotional and spiritual development, the boarding system offers students a unique experience in a constructive, diverse and welcoming environment. Boarders live and work together, building long lasting friendships and pursuing academic success, with the support of dedicated and passionate staff. They learn how to respect the needs and rights of others, the value of co-operation, adaptability and negotiation; they develop an understanding of different cultures, a sense of independence and self-confidence.

The boarding house experience is truly a formative time for each courageous pupil embarking on this endeavour. It speaks volumes about their ability to be responsible, get organised, manage their time, plan ahead, cope with emotionally trying separation from family and friends and even with stress. That is why the boarding experience can become a very valuable part of a candidate’s portfolio for university admission. The best universities look at the character as much as they look at academic achievement when choosing among their best applicants.

What makes a difference in the education provided at the Transylvania College Boarding House? According to the students in our care, it’s the high level of staff involvement and the care offered to each of them, individually. They also appreciate the range of activities organised especially for them, the permanent provision of pastoral care, the fact that they have clear and reasonable rules and the fact that we all keep an open mind and treat each other with respect.

The staff members involved in the life of the boarding house are all well aware of the fact that they are responsible for the most important part of a pupil’s school experience: the part that cannot be examined, recorded or assessed; the part that will remain long after the equations, dates and formulae are learnt. The housemaster and housemistress stand in loco parentis, they are the ones who are there for the children on a daily basis, the dependable constant in their lives, taking the role of a mentor, conciliator, friend, coach, or therapist. Their primary objective is to enable each boarder to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives, in a positive and harmonious setting. And what could be more rewarding for our boarding house staff than the postcards received from the children in their care at the end of a busy school year:

I would like you to know how wonderful it has been to know you and spend time laughing and chatting with you. I had a lot of fun this year and I think you are really cool. I will miss you, but I will be sure to visit often. You are a fantastic role model and wonderful teacher.

Thank you for all the things you did for me this year, the activities, the food that you cooked (it was very good), the events (Secret Santa, Thanksgiving, etc.). Thank you again and have a wonderful vacation

In the Transylvania College Boarding House we follow a clear routine which gives everyone in the boarding house a sense of stability and comfort. Upon their return to the house, the boarders have a well-balanced amount of resting time, homework time and free time before the evening curfew.

Transylvania College has also taken the initiative to support students in choosing to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle, ensuring that they are provided with proper and high-quality meals and also with a range of activities that keeps them active. The boarders receive a balanced breakfast at the beginning of each school day and a warm supper in the evening, prepared in the school’s restaurant, according to the menu previously agreed with the children. Lunch is served in the school cafeteria and is a variable expense (depending on the students’ daily choices), in addition to the meals included in the boarding costs.

Boarders are assigned dorms across three floors, the boys and girls quarters being allocated to one of the two sides of the boarding house. Boys and girls do participate, however, in activities held in the common areas of the house, such as the living room, the kitchen, or the fitness room. Dormitories have to be tidy at all times and boarders are responsible for the general cleanliness of their rooms.

The behaviour policy followed in the Boarding House ensures the provision of the best living and learning environment for all the students in the house and it requires discipline, mutual respect, fairness, healthy habits and choices, for personal and general safety and well-being.

For enquiries regarding availability in the Transylvania College Boarding House, eligibility and boarding fees, please contact the Department of Admissions. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our happy family!



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