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In a multinational environment like Transylvania College, it is important to know that each student in a geographical area has a unique metabolism and the immune system is used to fighting the factors in that geographical area, and there may be difficulties in fighting other factors than those encountered in the ordinary environment, such as those in our country. Also, these children can develop allergies and intolerant to foods that are in our country and with which their digestive system is not very common.

At the same time, pupils born and living in Romania could come into contact with viruses and bacteria from other geographic areas (through their colleagues), and their immune system is not used to new and different influences like these external factors.

Therefore, it is recommended that in an environment conducive to the crossing of viruses or the appearance of symptoms that are not very specific to a medical problem, to consider correct identification of the causes that may cause the symptoms.

Such identification can be done at the Transilvania Medical Center through a manual biophysical test, where any identified medical problems (microbial agents) are treated with Vitalfeld therapies.


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