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Throughout the 24 years of existence, our school’s community has grown to include hundreds of loyal students and teachers, thousands of parents and good friends of the school.

All of their consistent and continuous support provided us with the strength and motivation to get each project at the next level of development. We are also fortunate to have, among the parents in our community and among the friends of our school, trusted partners who have offered their support in the implementation and development of the many programmes we have launched over the years.

”One teacher, one laptop” - The Elizabeth and Peter Sealey Programme

The Transylvania Education Foundation started supporting our school through the One teacher, one laptop programme.

In 2014, we received an individual donation of $135.000 from Elizabeth and Peter Sealey. Their generous support enabled us to integrate technology into everyday learning and shape the future of high-class education here at Transylvania College.

After a rigorous cost-benefit analysis and consistent research on the topic, we designed the classrooms to support interactive learning and each teacher was given a MacBook Air and each teacher assistant was given an iPad to directly access online resources and educational apps. 100 Apple devices were given to all teaching staff, from kindergarten through high-school. Thus, we managed to optimise the students’ learning process and creating a dynamic environment that sparks creativity by integrating the use of MacBook, iPads and Apple apps in the traditional teaching methods. The positive effects on teacher motivation, efficacy, and creativity have increased.

SPArK Science

Through an individual donation of 120.000 EUR, the generous support of Lucinda and Alexander Scott and the SPOROS Trust in Scotland allowed the Transylvania College Foundation to build a secure, ultra-modern science centre for our school.


SPArK Science was inaugurated at Transylvania College in February 2015 to address an ongoing concern for large-scale educational innovation and the desire to inspire, respect and develop a passion for science. Students studying in this environment hope to achieve high levels of success in the field of science and to consider it as a career option.


In addition to the symbolism of the creative spark, the name has been designed to incorporate elements from the periodic table. Sulphur, Phosphorus, Argon and K (Potassium) are linked to fields of study, ideas which shape our teaching and inspirations and even the world around us.

SPArK Science enables teachers to educate our students in a setting meant to develop an inquisitive, analytical and creative way of thinking. The centre consists of two laboratories, a ‘dry’ half for theoretical activities and ‘wet’ half for practical experiments. The theoretical lab is equipped with interactive boards and software, which allow an advanced exploration of all the available informational resources. The practical lab offers the necessary equipment, utilities and space required to test the studied theories in a safe and dynamic fashion. Almost no class ends without students carrying out practical exercises in chemistry, biology and physics. Moreover, through the ’Hands on Lab’ project and our “Beta Students” programme dedicated to gifted and talented students, the laboratories will develop students skills and abilities which could be used later in industry and science related careers. 



School after school

“School after school” is a project developed in partnership with Tenaris SilcoTub to offer after-school programmes to pupils in the 1st and 2nd grade from two public schools, Corneliu Coposu and Porolissum School in Zalau. The after-school programme is aimed at getting pupils enthusiastic about science by teaching interactive lessons and by showing the interaction between science and other subjects, such as arts or sports.

We would like to thank: Tenaris Silcotub.

Teach for the future

Teach for the future represents a partnership for educational development between the education and the business sector. The project offers a series of training sessions dedicated to primary school teachers. The training sessions are based on four general concepts: using efficient teaching-learning-evaluation strategies, understanding the value of research, leadership, and socio-emotional learning.

We would like to thank: Tenaris Silcotub.

Global Money Week

Financial and entrepreneurial education for the younger generation has become all the more important since these pupils are the ones who will have to understand and operate, as adults, with increasingly complex and sophisticated financial products, especially when it comes to saving and investing, planning for retirement and covering their healthcare needs. Moreover, students nowadays have access to financial resources at an earlier age with the increased use of cell phones, bank accounts for youth or digital currency.

Global Money Week is a complex financial and entrepreneurial education programme which was launched at Transylvania College six years ago with the aim of offering our pupils, from the youngest ones to those in high school, comprehensive financial education adjusted to their level of understanding. Every school year we dedicate an entire week to financial and entrepreneurial education, all the specialist teachers relating their subject-teaching for that particular week to financial and entrepreneurial topics. Each edition has a unique theme, in tune with the most pressing global needs. Our teachers design practical, cross-curricular activities meant to teach students about resource management and to help them put each idea into practices. During every edition, the pupils are challenged to come up with entrepreneurship ideas with a socio-economical impact.

The programme enjoyed, from the very beginning, the support of Banca Transilvania and AEGON. We received accolades and guidance from the Dutch-based international organisation CYFI (Child Youth Finance International), which facilitates access to financial education for millions of young students worldwide.

In 2013 Transylvania College’s Global Money Week Programme received the Global Money Week Award for The Best Financial Education Programme at the world summit in Istanbul. Our delegation to the 2014 summit in New York, together with the team representing the National Romanian Bank, received more international praise for continuing to develop the financial education programme. We are now at a point where we are confident that, based on the expertise we have gained throughout all the years dedicated to developing the programme, we can bring a significant contribution to the introduction of financial education into the Romanian national curriculum.  

We would like to thank: Banca Transilvania, AEGON, CYFI.


The Happy Kids Library

During the 2015-2016 school year, the kindergarten library was refurbished with the generous support of one of the families in our community. “The Happy Kids Library” is now a beautiful, bright and colourful space, designed to fit the energetic nature of young children. The project required an initial investment of 18.000 Euro, providing a priceless long-term return when it comes to the children’s development in the early years.

Many thanks to Mr Razvan Damian & Mrs Mara Damian for their support in refurbishing the library!

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