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Frequently asked questions for Admissions can be found bellow.

Q: Does the school have all the necessary accreditations?

A: Yes. Transylvania College is the only school outside of Bucharest with British School Overseas (BSO) status, granted by the Department for Education in the UK. Transylvania College is also the only school in the region accredited by Cambridge to offer Cambridge International Examinations for IGCSE and A-Levels. The Romanian line is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education through ARACIP, with a maximum inspection score. Following successful inspections, Transylvania College is an Accredited Member of COBIS and also a Global Member of Round Square. We have also been welcomed as members of the Global Connections network.

Facts: there are 3106 British Schools in the world, 255 of them members of COBIS and only 87 with BSO status. The BSO status is awarded after a rigorous inspection conducted by a provider approved by the UK government (in our case PENTA International).

Choosing an accredited British school ensures that your children receive education at the highest standards followed by British independent schools, as certified by government-approved inspections. School reports issued by an accredited international school are readily accepted for transfer into any international school around the world; the students enjoy an easy transition, without any gaps in their academic record. At the same time, the graduates of an established and fully accredited international school are successful in receiving offers from top universities around the world.

Q: Who can Apply?

A: Transylvania College is following a non-discriminatory admissions policy which ensures that children are not discriminated against or refused admission based on their gender, race, culture, creed, as long as these don’t interfere with our school’s philosophy. Students may consider an admission application at any point during the academic year.


Q: Is there a waiting list?

A: With increased demand, many classes at Transylvania College have a waiting list. If a class is full, qualified applicants are placed on a waiting list and are accepted in order of priority as spaces become available. Siblings of students already enrolled at Transylvania College have priority.

Q: Do you cater to Romanian, or international students?

A: Transylvania College offers an international education based on the Romanian National Curriculum approved by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and on the National Curriculum for England (for primary school and secondary school), and on the Cambridge International Curriculum (for high school). Our curriculum has been adapted to meet the needs of both the Romanian and international students. Parents must understand before enrolling their children in this school that Transylvania College is an international school and offers an English learning experience in addition to the Romanian Curriculum.


Q: All children are different. Do your teachers use differentiated teaching methods?

A: Transylvania College endorses the philosophy that education is a means by which every individual has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. We believe that each child has greatness, therefore we provide an educational programme that recognizes and makes provisions for the individual needs and strengths of our students.


Q: Is the uniform mandatory? Why?

A: The students are expected to wear their uniform every day. The “no uniform” days are announced in advance.

It is important to wear the complete proper uniform every day because:  

  • uniform helps to create a strong school ethos and a sense of belonging to the community
  • it has practical benefits, discouraging any comparisons related to social status
  • it makes students more aware of their behavior while traveling from the school, leading them to act more considerately and in a respectful manner

Uniform prevents students worrying endlessly about their appearance and what clothes to wear or what is "in fashion". When students are not distracted in this way they are more likely to concentrate on their academic studies. Uniform prepares students for their professional life, when most will be expected to dress smartly in the workplace.


Q: Do you offer scholarships?

The Scholarship Programme was launched over 16 years ago with the aim of offering bright students from disadvantaged socio-economical backgrounds the chance to receive an excellent education at our school and equal opportunities to build a successful future for themselves. Over the years, more than 100 young people had their lives changed as a result of the education they received, the attention provided by caring mentors, and the international exposure they enjoyed while studying at Transylvania College.

Starting with the current academic year, thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of experts in the newly formed Scholarship Committee, the programme has evolved into the Scholarship Society @ Transylvania College - a unique programme in Romania aimed at recognising and awarding academic excellence. Gifted students from all over the country are invited to grasp the opportunity to reach their highest potential while studying at Transylvania College Cambridge International High School. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition for the entire duration of high school studies (some conditions apply).

Find out more about Scholarships

Q: Are fees changing from year to year?

A: For the second year in a row, tuition fees have remained the same in nursery and kindergarten, even though we have extended the daily schedule and we have introduced even more benefits for the children enrolled here.

We understand the families’ need to have a long-term financial plan, so we focus on offering predictability. Our aim is to keep any increase at or below 6%.

Q: Why is there a difference in tuition between classes following different curricula?

A: The difference in fees between the classes offering the two curricula is given by the difference in the expenses incurred by the school, including accreditation costs, resources, staff recruitment costs.

Q: How are parents informed regarding their child’s progress in school?

A: At Transylvania College we invite parents to be our partners in their children’s education. We have multiple communication channels to keep the parents up-to-date on the child’s progress. Twice a year, the parents receive a detailed report for each child, which includes behavior and academic assessments for each subject, and are invited to attend parent-teacher conferences. During these meetings, each family has the opportunity to individually meet with every subject teacher to discuss each child’s progress on a specific subject.  The conferences are held twice a year. The form tutors send weekly newsletters to the parents in each class. This is in addition to the Monday News, the general newsletter sent by the school each week. Individual meetings with the form tutors or specialty teachers may be scheduled as needed.

Q: Are Transylvania College students participating in national academic competitions (“olimpiada”)?

Our students’ academic results and higher education paths confirmed the fact that their competencies are at the highest academic levels, according to international standards of excellence. Transylvania College students participate in prestigious international competitions and have a track record of extraordinary results. In our school, pupils are not preparing to excel in only one subject; they receive the best education that allows them to grow as a well-rounded person: creative, responsible, respectful and striving for excellence in all areas. That is how they become attractive candidates for the best universities in the world and they can enjoy success in everything they set out to do as adults.

Q: Are Transylvania College students able to transfer to Romanian schools or to apply for admission at Romanian universities?

Q: Yes. Due to the fact that Transylvania College is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education, transfers to Romanian schools are possible, even for the students who follow the National Curriculum of England. The school supports each student in following the required transfer procedures.

Regarding admission to Romanian universities, all the official exams taken by our students in high school are marked by Cambridge certified examiners, which ensures that the highest educational standards are being met. Cambridge certificates are recognized and accepted for admission into top universities around the world, in 150 countries, including Romania. The Romanian Ministry of Education recognizes the Cambridge certificates awarded to our students. Our graduates who choose to continue their studies here are provided with the necessary documentation that allows them to apply for admission at Romanian universities.

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