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Due to its British School Overseas status recognised by UK’s Department for Education, Transylvania College is the only Accredited Member of COBIS in the region.

We offer the best value for money compared to other accredited British international schools in the country. Our school has been chosen by families from around the world (35 nationalities are represented in our community) and it is the only institution in Cluj-Napoca offering a complete educational track, from nursery through high school. Our high school is an accredited Cambridge International Examinations Centre, since 2010.

The school offers the parents a choice between an enhanced Romanian Curriculum and the National Curriculum of England. The difference in fees between the two lines is given by the different costs incurred from offering each of these programmes; the school fee is based on the actual expenses for each line (enhanced Romanian curriculum and English curriculum). The fees are communicated to the parents on a yearly basis, once the school contracts for the next academic year are released.

In primary and middle school the students have the option to enrol in classes that follow the Romanian National Curriculum or in classes where teaching is based on the National Curriculum of England. In high school, students study according to the curriculum offered by Cambridge International Examinations, in preparation for IGCSE and A-Level exams. These qualifications are designed by The University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, are recognised worldwide and are renowned for their academic rigour. Subjects are taught in English, except for foreign languages and Romanian classes for native speakers.

Fees and Contract

The tuition agreement for the 2018-2019 school year is available here. 

The fees are detailed below (click on the "+" sign to open the page).


Tuition Fees (CLICK HERE for drop-down MENU)

Nursery & Kindergarten - 1-5 Years Old

  • Extended Hours: 16.900 lei (RON) a Year

Primary School, Romanian Curriculum

  • Grade 0 (pregatitoare) to Grade 4: 21.500 lei (RON) a Year

Primary School, National Curriculum of England

  • Reception: 26.000 lei (RON) a Year
  • Year 1-6: 35.000 lei (RON) a Year

Middle School, Romanian Curriculum

  • Grade 5-8: 21.500 lei (RON) a Year

Middle School, National Curriculum of England

  • Year 7-9: 37.000 lei (RON) a Year

Cambridge International High School

  • 44.500 lei (RON) a Year


  • 5% discount off the tuition starting with the second child enrolled in nursery/ kindergarten/ school. The discount will be applied to the lowest fee.

Additional discounts may be available for full payment, for one year in advance. Please see the Tuition Agreement for details.

Included in the Tuition Fee

  • School supplies and resources for kindergarten, Lower Primary and Upper Primary
  • Student Planners for middle school students
  • Access to the “Leader in Me” curriculum and resources

NOT Included in the Tuition Fee

  • Enrolment Fee - payable once, upon enrolment, non-refundable:
  • 250 Euro for nursery and kindergarten 
  • 500 Euro for any new enrollment in the school, at any level, starting with Reception, or K-Stars -"clasa pregatitoare"


  • Assessment Fee of 50 Euro for candidates applying to Upper Primary, Middle School or High School


  • Meals 17 RON/day for Nursery, Kindergarten, Lower Primary School (Reception, Year 1, K-Stars -"clasa pregatitoare", Grade 1)
  • For children from 2nd grade/ Year 3 up, through high school:
  • lunch is provided in the self-serve school restaurant, where students are offered a variety of freshly made dishes; students also have the option to select fruit and dairy, and salad from the free salad bar
  • parents are provided with a detailed list of all the food ordered by the child, at the end of the month. The bill for the lunch services is issued according to this list, linked to the student’s personal ID.

Also not included:

  • School supplies for middle school and textbooks for high school students, uniform, special notebooks or exercise books
  • iPads for the iPad-learning programme
  • Transportation
  • After-School Clubs offered by Transylvania College Leadership Academy (including swimming)
  • Summer camps
  • Trips
  • Fees for any external exam

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