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"Looking back over the last two decades, we are so grateful to all our friends and to the families who gave us their vote of confidence back in 1993.

What is now Transylvania College, started as a small kindergarten class in one of the rooms of our two bedroom apartment. The first class had only 12 children and we made our own resources and toys, by hand. At the time it was an act of courage, driven by our passion for educating children in a nurturing environment. Ever since then we have valued creativity and aimed for excellence while also teaching our students to be responsible and have respect for diversity. As the children grew, so did the school, with many more parents advocating the way we were doing things. Ever since then, we have been constantly building a culture of excellence and challenging the status quo in the Romanian education system.

We all live in a world that treasures endings more than beginnings, being scared of change and the unknown. In this respect, children are fearless role-models. Their innate curiosity, if continuously sparked, leads them to reach heights we cannot even fathom. They can grasp abstract notions more easily than the stereotype, or model-driven adults, and they have the ability to turn them into beautiful products of their imagination. They can make the world a better place. We believe this is where we, as educators, can give them our support. As Eric Hoffer said, “in times of change, learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”.

In a not so distant future, programming may become the universal language and our traditional notions of living will become obsolete, just like the floppy disk. If we set our mind to welcome a new era in a proactive way, we can prepare our students for future life challenges and for professions that have not even been invented yet, like “Nanoparticles Operator” or “Cosmic Curator.” The school has a formidable but beautiful mission to equip young learners with a knowledge they can use as the foundation for continuous learning, whilst also helping them develop socio-emotional and problem-solving skills.

In order to get there, strong character and ethics are essential. We want our students to be ready for the future, but also to know their history, their roots and grow in an environment based on values. That is why, at Transylvania College, our students are part of a well-rounded education, which includes service, leadership, arts and technology. From the early years, all our pupils receive financial and entrepreneurial education, which helps them prepare for the challenges of the real world. It encourages them to consider their passions, core competencies and readies them for future professional success. Our talented and enthusiastic teachers empower students to enjoy a diverse education and develop an understanding of the surrounding world. Our goal is to create a global journey for mindful leaders, so they can have a voice, discover their spark and make a difference in the world. It is an exciting journey and we welcome you aboard!"

Sincerely yours,

Simona and Dan Baciu

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